Cake Smash!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We had a fabulous playdate Tuesday with Kyla's friends Lily and Aidric.  Besides having a good time playing (while the moms chatted) Mollie (Lily's mom) did a "cake smash" photo session for Kyla and Aidric's 1st birthdays.  Take a look at the photos on Mollie's blog - she is absolutely amazing!

Trip to Chicago

Getting "Funyuns" from Therese (bad Granny Tree!)
Funyuns and Baby Crocs - thanks Therese!
Kyla LOVED Hank and Tex (and they loved her)!

Downtown Geneva with Grandpa
I Look Good with Purple
Lunch with the Family
Picture Posing in Geneva

Helping Grandpa Water The Plants
Enjoying the Spray
In the cold pool with Daddy
Pool basketball with Daddy
Riding on Grandpa's Shoulders
Chillin' with Daddy
Kyla and Grandpa
Center of Attention
Loving all the attention

Funny video of Therese giving Kyla Funyuns

...and Iowa

Ellis and Kyla Eating Dinner Together

Riding on Stella
Enjoying her first popsicle/ice lolly

After our stay at my dad's, we drove 4 hours west to Des Moines, Iowa to see our good friends The Gibbons.  We had so much fun hanging out with Dina and Darren, and Kyla loved playing with Ellis - especially bath time!  A big THANK YOU to them for letting us stay for 4 days with everything going on.  

p.s. Dina, you better post the other pictures from your camera since mine ran out of juice!  :)  

Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound

Thursday, June 19, 2008

We had our nuchal translucency ultrasound and genetic screening test done this Monday (12 weeks 6 days) and everything looks fantastic.  Because I'm over 35, the risk of the baby having Downs Syndrome or other deadly genetic diseases is greater than if I were in my 20's, so hence this procedure.  This test measures the fold/fluid behind the baby's neck during an ultrasound and matches that with hormone levels in my blood.  Basically they are looking for the normal range of the fold (less than 3cm) and a normal range of hormones as a predictor of the genetic health of the baby.  Since both tests came back perfect our risks dropped significantly!  Or as John would say "his wife has the body of a 24 year old!"

The best part of the whole thing is that we got to see Baby Scott #2 again.  He/She was a perfect angel and the tech was able to get the neck measurements in the first try.  It's so amazing to see how much the baby has grown in 4 weeks since the last scan.  The baby was waving its arms (arms up just like Kyla), kicking and turning.  Plus, we got a good look at the baby's profile, which I always love.  Sorry to say though - no guesses on the sex as the cord was between the legs. We have to wait another 6 weeks for the anatomy scan to check again.