Funny Man

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dylan is cracking us up lately!  As my grandmother says, "he's a pistol, that one!"  True Grandma.  Very True.  Some days he is so ornery, sensitive or clingy that you want to pull your hair out.  And then he flashes you that sweet smile and dimple or says something funny and you just want to squeeze him.  Here are some of his latest antics.

  1. Grandpa gave both kids some deer antlers.  First thing DJ says, "Look mama, anklers."
  2. I was working in the kitchen and Dylan was playing with a blanket - he calls over to me, "mama, can you wrap me up like a Cheeto" (instead of burrito)
  3. Quick trip to the grocery store - Kyla is in the back of the cart, DJ is sitting up front.  He looks at me straight faced and says "Mama listen, I can sing Jingle Bells."  But he doesn't sing it, instead he does raspberries to the tune of Jingle Bells.
This kid is a nut!