Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tonight Kyla celebrated her first Halloween. She dressed up as a lamb and went trick-or-treating down our street. We had a such a good time showing off our beautiful daughter, who was the sweetest lamb you've ever seen. Plus, Mum and Dad got some fantastic candy!

Even Nobu dressed up as a cowboy - which was a BIG hit in the neighborhood!

Cool Pumpkin, Lady

Check out our cool pumpkins - we got tons of compliments tonight!

Pre-Halloween Festival

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kyla went to her first Halloween Festival today at a local high school where we met our friends Nicole, Will and their daughter Sophie (John's still in Vegas so it was just the 2 of us). The weather was beautiful and we sat by the band and listened to the music for about an hour. The girls are too young to enjoy the games, rides and crafts, but it was great to get them together. They really enjoy just looking, smiling and drooling at each other - and the occasional grab for the other's hair, face, mouth, etc. It was sweet to see all the children dancing in front of the band and imagine that that will be Kyla in the next few years (**sigh**)

Most of the kids were dressed up and some parents made the most inventive costumes. There were lots of ladybugs, but by far the best/most creative costume was the little girl dressed as Bindi Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter's daughter). Kyla didn't wear her costume to this festival, just her Halloween shirt - we are saving the costume for October 31st and the party next weekend!

More Bath Fun

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Everything goes into the mouth. She loves the pop-out figures from the bath books. The one she's got a hold of is "Fairy Princess" from the Princess Shapes book

Hitting The Sauce

Apparantly someone is starting early. Of course, she's not allowed to have any - we'll just train her to open the bottles for her mum and dad!

p.s. that's Gerry in the background, he and Alison came over for a visit.

I Like This Thing With All the Colorful Buttons

Just one more person I have to fight over the remote with!

Rolling Over Video

A video we took a few weeks ago of Kyla practicing her roll-over techniques.

Pumpkin Picking!

Monday, October 22, 2007

This weekend we drove to Sweet Berry Farms (don't you love the name?) for pumpkin picking. We had a great time and Kyla really seemed to enjoy it. Not the pumpkins mind you, she could have left those, but the goats and horses were a bit hit! We spent a couple of hours at the farm eating the food, petting the animals, taking pictures and of course getting our Halloween pumpkins. Which I can't wait to carve with our new carving kit! They have so many arts/crafts and other things for kids to do and I can't wait to bring Kyla back when she is older.

Funny Girl

Every night before her bath, Kyla likes to look at herself in the mirror. Tonight she decided to sit down and scooch herself into the sink. Kyla thought it was hysterical when she figured out how to turn on the water (picture 3). I think she could have happily taken her bath in the sink!
p.s. Is that the cutest baby bum ever?!

I Love My Fur-Friends

Friday, October 12, 2007

Kyla just loves the Nobu, Gimu and Lumpy - although I'm pretty sure it's not mutual yet. Her eyes light up whenever they are around and she just wants to touch them all the time. Since Ky hasn't learned the fine art of petting (or clapping for the Scottish folks), she ends up just grabbing hunks of their fur (hence the non-reciprocating love). When she's a bit older we'll be able to teach her to be gentle, so for right now she only gets supervised visits.

Stupid Baby Tricks

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not exactly sure how to explain this picture, but it's absolutely priceless! Kyla has these bath finger puppets (this one is the alligator) and she loves to put them in her mouth, chew on them and suck out the water (gross, I know). Well she figured out the other day, that she can keep the puppet in her mouth without having to use her hands. This leaves her hands free for other things. Ahhhh, our little girl has learned to multi-task!

Strollin' Through Grand Oaks

Monday, October 8, 2007

Although it's been fairly hot here in Austin (where is autumn again?), we try to get out for a daily stroll with Kyla and Nobu. We hit the trail around Grand Oaks which has been newly redone and runs behind the houses. It's a lovely walk, and a good workout (1.25 miles).

We LOVE our Bugaboo stroller (thanks mum and dad!) and we got a special sun canopy and shade. It has UV protection and basically surrounds Kyla entirely to protect her sensitive skin from this blazing Texas sun. Plus it's pink, so it's very pretty! When the sun protection is in place, she just sits back and chews on the seat straps (hours of entertainment) or plays with "Pip" one of her crinkly stuffed bugs that straps on to the center bar (the other two bugs hang on her car seat). When we go through the "forest" areas of the trail, we take down the canopy and Kyla gets her nature fix. She really enjoys looking at the trees, bushes or just Nobu walking along beside the stroller.

Look Ma - I'm Sitting

Friday, October 5, 2007

Miss Kyla is getting to be such a big girl - she can actually sit up for short periods of time now. She has to hold herself up using her hands still, but her balance is getting much better. Now all she wants to do is sit-up and try to grab for things. She's got some serious "abs of steel"!