Outfit of the Day

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Since John has been home taking care of Kyla, he sends me an "Outfit of the Day" picture at work so I can see how Ky is dressed. This basically stems from the first picture he sent me the day I went back to work from maternity leave. Our daughter has hundreds of dollars of adorable clothes in her closet - and what did he chose that day, but a plain white onesie - usually reserved for wearing underneath the cute clothes. We had quite a laugh about it and girls vs. boys (i.e. cute vs. comfort or easibility for dads changing diapers) and now it's become the "Outfit of the Day" email. I can't tell you how much I look forward to those emails everyday since I miss my little girl so much when I'm at work. John knows if I don't have one by 11am I call to make sure everything is alright at home!

Anyway, today's was particularity darling, so I wanted to share with everyone. Our little girl is getting quite the personality.

Found My Feet

Kyla has suddenly taken an interest in her feet - at least the right one. Here is a picture from her day with John

Party Pics

Monday, September 17, 2007

Great-Grandpa's 89th Birthday Bash

This weekend we celebrated Kyla's Great-Grandpa Chesney's 89th birthday, although his actual b-day is July 5th. We flew up to Gardner, Kansas (where my mom is from) on Friday and the party was Saturday afternoon. Most of our immediate family was able to be there including Kyla's Grandpa Jackson, Uncle John, Aunt Kathy and Cousin's Aaron and Emily. Kyla also met her Great-Grandpa, Great Aunt Pat, Great Aunt Cathy (who hosted the party) and lots of other relatives.

Ky was an absolute angel and just smiled and laughed at everyone. She even took naps in the front bedroom, which is a miracle considering how loud it was in the house. The weather was sunny and beautiful, but a little cold so the party was held inside. The food was amazing with lots of fresh garden veggies and home-made pies. Delicious!

First Airplane Ride

Kyla went on her first airplane ride this past weekend to Kansas to visit relatives. Even with the earlier wake-ups, she did an amazing job. I wish we'd gotten a picture of her in the Baby Bjorn carrier - when she was riding in it, she kept her arms straight out to the sides the whole time - like she was "Queen of the World"!

Hannah's Going Away Party

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mum's friend and co-worker Hannah is moving to London, so she had us over for tea to say goodbye. Ky wore her special "Diva" outfit just for Hannah, since she is the Queen of the Divas!

Hannah loves to squeeze my thighs!
The two Divas!

Kyla's friend Sophie was there too and they had a great time looking and talking to each other.


Kyla loves playing in her exersaucer. John says whenever she plays with the spinning wheels, she's practicing for the Vegas slots. Let's hope she gets good at it so she can support her us!

Pool Party

We went to a pool party at our friends' (Allan and Leslie) house on Saturday. Kyla had fun swimming in their pool with the other kids.

Hands in her mouth as usual.

Kissing Mummy - or eating her face, we're not sure.

Allan and Leslie's dog Allie in the pool!

Solids Round 2: Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kyla still isn't too fond of rice cereal and frankly who can blame her, so we moved on to tastier foods like sweet potatoes. Big Hit! She ate about 1/2 the jar - actually she probably ate 1/4 of the jar the other 1/4 is on her bib!

As you can see, she likes to sit at the table with us. Or "on" the table with us!

Happy Labor Day

Monday, September 3, 2007

It's been hot and muggy here the last few weeks and with a long weekend it was the perfect opportunity to swim in pool. Kyla likes to kick her feet and splash in the water, but nothing can keep her hands out of her mouth right now. Teething here we come!

The other good thing to do over long weekends - take naps. Hmmmmmmm..... where was mummy's nap?