Papa Cutting Down the Branches

Saturday, August 30, 2008

John's dad (otherwise known as Papa to Kyla) doesn't like to sit around and relax on his holiday in Austin, so we put him to work trimming the tree in our backyard.  It hangs over the pool and drips leaves, ants, tree fuzz and other assorted critters into the pool, so it really needed a trimming.  Kyla was fascinated watching her Papa up in the tree (so much so, that she had to eat her dinner out on the patio, hence the bib she's wearing).  Mum and I were just glad he made it out of the tree ok - crazy Papa!!

Up in the tree
Sawing the branches
Watching Papa
Face against the screen watching
Dad and Mum picking up all the fallen branches

1st Dance Class

Kyla started dance class last week and here are some pictures from the morning.  Basically the kids just dance and sing songs, but occasionally they get bored with a particular song and run off to play with something in the room.  It's pretty relaxed and Kyla loves seeing, Miss Amber the teacher, her friends and dancing to the music.

Listening to Miss Amber

Going through the tunnel
Playing in the balls
Watching Miss Amber do the Bean Bag Wave
Petting the horses with Miss Amber
Giving the horse some "food"

Sleeping Spot

Kyla has a preferred spot in her crib that she likes, but as you can see she's gotten a bit too long to stretch out.  Bad mummy took this in the middle of the night (flash and all) so I could show Kyla years later, how she slept with her feet through the crib-slats.  

Baking Cupcakes

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kyla and I baked cupcakes the other day and I just had to show the hilarious sequence of events.  She definitely has our sweet tooth!

Helping mummy stir
Batter is looking good...
Good enough to eat!
Who needs a spatula when I can use my hands
What a face!
The finished product
I want one now!

Hey these aren't too bad...
Want some mum?
Too slow
Gone in 60 seconds!


Friday, August 15, 2008

How cute are these girls!!  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the video to post. :(

A Girl And Her Teddy

Kyla's become very affectionate recently and teddy gets lots of hugs and cuddles.  He's been in the car several times and even through Home Depot - which made everyone laugh since he's about as big as she is!

20 Week Belly Picture

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The bump is getting bigger!

Sophisticated Palate

Most kids wants some bland vegetable like peas or corn with their spaghetti - not our girl, she'd like some Ceasar salad, please.  Two helpings!

15 Months

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So hard to believe that Kyla is 15 months old!  She had a great doctor's appointment last week and is on target for all her milestones.  Our little girl has really thinned out the last 3 months and actually lost a pound from her 12 month appointment.  Hopefully this is just due to her increased activity and new pickiness with eating vs a wheat allergy.  She won't be tested for celiacs until she is 2 years old, so for now - bring on the macaroni and cheese (her favorite food)!

Weight:  22lbs 5oz (35th percentile)
Height:  31" (75th percentile)
Head:  45cm (25% percentile)

Some favorites and new skills:
1.  She LOVES to dance!!  (we are starting dance class this month)
2.  Learned to twirl and laughs hysterically while doing it
3.  She claps for herself and thinks she is all that!
4.  She's a dare-devil!  
5.  Loves slides, the faster the better (see #4)
6.  Has no fear of the water, and will jump in the pool without any coaxing (again see #4)
7.  She's learned a number of new words and a new sign ("thank you")
8.  She's almost mastered blowing kisses, but gets it confused with the sign for "thank you"
9.  Loves to give regular kisses and was giving herself kisses in the mirror today
10. Loves to read and has to have books in her bed at all times - never know when she might want to read
11.  Is trying to sing and loves to be sung to
12.  Loves trees and is very entertained by them (future botanist?)
13.  Must turn off the bathroom light and touch the ceiling fan cord before bed
14.  Has become my little helper
15.  Can spot the smallest piece of lint, food, dirt on the floor and will bring it to you
16.  Doesn't like grass, dirt, food on her hands and will come directly to you to have it removed
17.  Will point to mummy's belly if asked "where's the baby?"
18.  Knows almost all of her body parts
19.  Loves to be tickled and chased
20. Has developed a funny sense of humor and cracks herself up all day long
21.  Started giving her stuffed animals spontaneous hugs - melts my heart every time!
22.  Peek-a-boo is still a favorite game
23.  Flirts outrageously with people, especially boys!
24.  Throws herself bodily on the floor during tantrums (wonder where she got that from?)
25.  Learning to use utensils, drinks only from sippy cups, learned to suck from a straw

And lastly, she's definitely becoming Miss Independent!