Playing With The Leaves

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another gorgeous day in Austin and we took advantage of it by playing in the front yard.  Kyla still has a thing against crawling on the lawn (doesn't like the feel of it under her hands), but she LOVES to play with the leaves.  She also likes to put them in her mouth - so we have to watch her closely.  

Naughty Girl

Poor Gimu - all he wants to do is lay in the morning sun, but Kyla just won't leave him alone.  She basically pounces on the poor guy and he's a bit slowing in moving.  As you can see, she pretty much stands on the poor kitty.  I got in two pictures, before I had to rescue him.  Most of the time, we have to put Gimu on the other side of the gate because in defending himself, he ends up scratching Kyla.  Not that she cares - she just looks at me with that "naughty" face and keeps right on attacking Gimes, scratches or not.

A Dog and His Teddy

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Completely un-posed!  Nobu LOVES his teddy (the one he got for Christmas) as it's very similar to Kyla's toys - basically it plays an annoying song over and over again when he picks it up.  To get attention when we are playing with Kyla, he goes and gets Teddy to play fetch.  The other day it was gorgeous outside, and Nobu decided to bring Teddy out to the grass where he could lay with him.  So I sneaked out with my camera, and got these photos.  

Mirror, Mirror...

Trying to take some photos of Kyla in the outfit Auntie Yolanda gave her for Christmas, but she was refusing.  Then she noticed she could see me in the mirror hanging from her play gym.  Kyla loves to look at herself in the mirror, but it was extra special fun looking at mummy through it, especially as I was making all sorts of funny noises and sounds to get her to look at the camera!  Finally she turned around for some pictures, but alas no smiling (sigh).

And Then It Turned Warm

Monday, February 11, 2008

Typical Austin, one day we are strolling in the cool weather and the next it's almost 80 degrees and we were outside in the backyard in the sun.  

Round the pool with my push cart (notice the kid-cover)
In the grass
Nobu and Kyla
back inside with the push-cart again


My Daily Stroll

A stroll around the trail on a cool day.  The first picture is Miss Kyla's "I'm going to tease you with a smile face."  As soon as I bring out the camera, she is turning in every direction away from it.  I have to work extra hard to get a good shot.  

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wednesday, January 30th was John's 33rd birthday, but since it was a work day and he was playing soccer that evening, we had the celebration on Friday night.  We just stayed in and I cooked a fabulous (if I do say so myself) gluten-free lasagna and chips (yes, we had chips or french fries, which as everyone knows goes with lasagna - just go with it, it's a Scottish thing).  We also had a wonderful gluten-free carrot cake, which is John's favorite!

Kyla and I gave John "Guitar Hero" for his birthday present - and everyone got into opening it.  It's a pretty addictive game and John and I played for over an hour before watching the Bourne Ultimatum.  John's really good at Guitar Hero, but I stink - I really need to practice.  And that's how it becomes addictive, you want to do better and better and better each time.