Need Some Refreshment

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hot day in Austin yesterday required some cool refreshment for Miss Kyla who had to walk home from the park yesterday - D-man was in her ride.  Notice her beverage is MY soda, her sippy was ignored!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apparently yes, because Dylan slept 8 hours straight last night from 8pm - 4am.  We fed him at 4am and he went right back to sleep and didn't wake again until about 9am.  Hallelujah!!!!  We have his bassinet propped up with a pillow since he's been a little congested and he kind of slides down to the bottom during the night.  Somewhere between 4:30am and 9am though he managed to wiggle all the way down to the bottom again and sling his legs over the side.  Not that we are complaining - he can sleep like this all he wants if it helps him sleep through the night!!

No Way

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kyla has finally said her first sentence!  Is it "Bye Daddy," "Hi Mummy," "Thank you" or anything sweet and sincere?  Nope, it's "No Way"!  Yes, leave it to MY daughter to say this first.  It's actually really cute to hear her say it and although I'm prompting her in the video, trust me she needs no prompting at home - she won't stop saying it!  I have to keep reminding her that we say "no thank you" not "no way."  Oiy!

On a side note, this morning, she did say "bye daddy" out of the blue.  So that was sentence #2. She calls John "da-ee"  which super precious!  I'll have to get that one on video next.

Latest Sleeping Method

The never ending saga of finding ways to get Dylan to sleep continues.  He's just not a baby that falls or stays asleep easily.  We've found that he definitely needs swaddling and rocking to get him to sleep, but sometimes even when he is crashed in our arms the minute we put him down, his eyes pop open.  Our latest is to put him in the car seat and rock it until he falls asleep.  He seems to prefer sleeping here and sleeps the longest during the day when he's in it.  Today it required the car seat and the vacuum on!  I'm pretty sure it's because he's been stuffed-up for the last couple of weeks.  We took him to the doctor and they said he had a very minor cold, but it hasn't cleared up, so we'll discuss again at his 2 month appointment on Friday. 

Here are a few pictures of Dylan sleeping in his car seat.    

San Antonio Zoo

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kyla and I went to the zoo last weekend with our friends Nicole, Will and Sophie (Ky's BFF).   So the zoo was a bit ghetto, but the kids really enjoyed it!  Kyla LOVES animals and making animal sounds.  Her two current favorite are monkeys and elephants - and she does a mean imitation of both!  Luckily, the zoo had both of them and she really enjoyed seeing them in person.

Here are some pictures of the day.  As you'll see Kyla is very shall we say "strong-willed" when it comes to looking at the camera - she flat out refuses!

Looking At the Flamingos - would have been a great background for Kyla smiling
Another fantastic back-drop, but nope
Here mum, I'll look at the camera with my finger up my nose!
Another cool place for a photo, again not having it

Looking at the Nile Crocodiles with Sophie
Came right up to where we were standing - really cool to see it so close
Little enthusiastic petting the goats
Kyla didn't want to leave them
Posing with Sophie
Still won't look at the camera or smile
Finally smiling at Will making funny faces
Long day - so cute!

Kyla and Lily

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kyla had a lovely playdate last week with her friend Lily in the park.  Lily's mom, Mollie ( is a professional photographer and took these fabulous photos from the day.   Aren't the girls adorable!  They've known each other since they were 6-7 months old, but are really starting to interact and play off one another which is so much fun to watch!

Poor Kid Can't Get A Moment Alone

Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Gimu Wants to Share the Space
Then Critters In His Face
And Lastly, Miss Helpful

Strike..Spare...Whatever, I just liked throwing the ball

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kyla had her first bowling experience at our next door neighbor Miranda's 6th birthday party.  Ky had a great time watching everyone bowl, clapping for them, dancing to the music playing and throwing her ball down the lane.  She wasn't too interested in it once it left her hands, but I'm happy to report she was the high score on her 4 man team!

Watching Miranda Bowl
Getting Her Ball (little obsessed about this machine)
Ready to Throw
It's Away!
Clapping for Herself!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009