6Ft Elmo is Scary!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dylan, Kyla and I went with Nicole and Sophie to the Grand Opening of a toy store in the neighborhood.  We thought the girls would like seeing Elmo - - - BIG MISTAKE!  Kyla cowered behind a doll house and Sophie kept saying "Elmo leave now" and the only one who didn't seem to mind (although a bit confused) was Dylan.  Luckily, Elmo didn't stay long and the kids enjoyed looking at all the toys and games.  Dylan even won a Truck book in the raffle!

The expression on Dylan's face cracks me up every time!

Sophie and Kyla holding hands - such sweet friends!

Feeding Dylan


Dance Class

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taken on two different Saturdays in both her outfits.  Doesn't she look grown-up? ***sigh***

Scottish Treats!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Headed downtown to "Things Celtic" this afternoon because....drum roll please..... they started stocking British/Irish food!  The highlight was of course the importation of Irn Bru - and even better Diet Irn Bru (John and I agree, we only drink our calories if they contain alcohol)!  For those who haven't had Irn Bru - it's like orange soda, but with the taste of orange St. Joseph's aspirin.  Unfortunately "Mr. Celiac" (aka my hubby) couldn't eat a lot of the menu, including Tayto's crisps (in the yummy flavors of Prawn Cocktail, Wuster Sauce and Smokey Bacon), scone mixes and oat cakes.  But we did pick up bottles of Diet Irn Bru, tins of Haggis (tastes better than it sounds) and a huge box of Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea.  And for Kyla a book of fairy tattoos.  A good day!

Posing next to the Irn Bru and Haggis

Matching Scottish Kits

Kyla and the sweeties
(they were giving away samples that kept her entertained - and being my daughter she preferred the "Butter-Mints" to the Smarties/M&Ms)

Body Art

Stamps are very big in our house.  Kyla has to have all of them used on her. Twice.  Even her toes have flower stamps.  

Our Flower Fairy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kyla loves to watch Tinkerbell the movie (movie time = my chance to cook dinner).  The other day when it was on and Kyla ran over to get her flower headband.  She told me that she was a flower fairy like "Rosetta" in the movie.  I'm just glad she didn't want to be Shrek - her 2nd favorite movie! :)

Happy 1/2 Birthday DJ

Friday, July 3, 2009

I can't believe that Dylan James is 6 months already!  Where does the time go?  He is really growing into a happy, mellow little guy just like his big sister.  Are you ready for his latest stats?

Weight:  19.8lbs (85th%)
Length:  28" (90th%)
Head: 45cm (85th%)

Conclusion:  He's a BIG boy!  Our future sports superstar!  Doctor says he's perfectly proportioned and that's the main thing at this age.  But man, it's getting difficult to find clothes for him that are long enough and appropriate for his stage (i.e. not walking).  I'm having to import them from Scotland, where they grow them tall.  

Mr. Baby Love (yes, both my kids have various nicknames - I get this from my mom) has many new accomplishments including:

1.  Sitting up by himself.  Unfortunately, his big melon pulls him over frequently, but he's getting better.

2.  Moved to the big car seat due to his height and weight.  Plus my poor back could not take lugging his infant seat around.  He's now sitting in the grocery carts like a big boy.  Bad news is that because he's not completely proficient at sitting up, he leans into Kyla in the grocery cart, which she doesn't like.  Ahhhh... the sibling annoyances start so early!

3.  Sleeping through the night!!  Hallelujah!  It's a beautiful thing.  We had a few rough nights there of sleep training for all of us (except Kyla who sleeps like a log), but the worst seems to be over.  Now he's sleeping better during the night and during his naps.  He seems happier during the day as well.  One of the biggest things I've learned is that he needs to be on a pretty strict schedule including feeding times and intervals between feedings.  Otherwise, he doesn't get enough to eat and is truly hungry at night.  

4.  Belly laughs!  This kid is a laugher!  He thinks so many things are funny, but of course no one is as funny as Kyla.  He LOVES her!  Loves to watch her and just lights up when she interacts with him.  For some reason Kyla likes his head.  She rubs it, head-locks it, kisses it, puts toys on it, eskimo kisses it and messes with it in general.  

5.  His hair has gotten so long.  He's going to need a trim soon since it's hanging over his ears.  Sadly, I think he inherited my cowlicks, poor thing.  His hair does some interesting things.  

I could go on and on about my little love, but I'll stop there.  Safe to say, that we are more in love with him every day.  Life as four is good!