The Messy Twins

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This picture gave me a laugh, hope it does for you too!

Big Girl Bed

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Kyla has been asking for a big girl bed for awhile now, so we converted her crib to a toddler bed a few nights ago, complete with pink sheets just like she wanted.  She was so excited when it was all done and has been giddy for naps and bedtime ever since.  

Truth be told, I got a tad emotional seeing her in it the first night - my baby is a little girl!  I set that crib up myself before she was born and can picture the first time we put her in it and she was so tiny. Sometimes it's hard to see them grow up, but peeking in on her at night all tucked in her big bed with a soft smile on her face, makes it all ok.

Bed All Made and Ready To Go
Tucked In For the Night
Pretending To Sleep
When Kyla Saw This Picture, She Said "Peek-A-Boo"
Too Excited To Sleep

A Boy and His Passies

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Went to get Dylan up from his nap the other day and this is how he greeted me!  The boy LOVES his passies!  He really hadn't used a passie in months, but all of a sudden - he's back on the passie bandwagon.  We put a whole bunch in his bed, so he can find them at night if he needs to and in the morning, he happily plays with them for 30 minutes or more!  Rule #1 though - they have to stay in the bed, he isn't allowed to have them anywhere else.  

Playing with his "TV"
Passie, TV and Mummy make for a happy boy!
Passie Posse
Good for teething, too

Then Miss Kyla woke up and she loves to climb into his bed

Lounging - and I swear I didn't place him like that, he got there all by himself
Playing Together
Like brother, like sister

Hair Towel

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A funny "hump-day" picture of Kyla.  She wanted her hair wrapped in a towel on top of her head like I do each day after my shower.  She's looking at herself in the mirror and very proud of the result!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Kyla and I have been going to our neighborhood playground since she was a baby.  My grandmother and I actually took Kyla there in the pram when she was 2 weeks old and sat on the park bench, so I could get out of the house after having a c-section.  Anyway.... it's still a favorite spot and with the blazing hot summer we are having, we try to go as many mornings as possible before it gets too hot.  The kids were having such a good time the other morning, so I started taking some pictures with my iPhone.  That's when I realized what a big girl Kyla has become!  

I used to dream of the days when I could sit on the bench and relax while she played on the jungle gym, well those days are here!  She would beg me to help her climb "the beanstalk" before she could even reach the "leaves" with her feet.  And now she can climb it all by herself!  And she would look up longingly watching the "big kids" climb on the bars, and now with a bit of assistance to get to the first rung - she can climb it!  She is so proud of her accomplishments and so am I, but a tad nostalgic.  Of course then I remember little DJ, who still needs help just playing on the first level of the structure and I have my baby back!

On the first rung

Almost There

At the top!

Climbing "the beanstalk"
For comparison - Kyla at 8 months

Where's DJ, you may ask?  Happily playing in his stroller

Enjoying the jungle gym 
(no, he's not falling over, he was excitedly waving his arms when I took the picture)

Kyla's Prayers

Friday, August 14, 2009

After the "now I lay me down to sleep" intro, we say "God Bless Mummy, Daddy, Dylan, etc."  Go through both sides of the family and then we ask Kyla if she wants to say any special blessings for anyone.  Here is a small sample of how it goes:

Kyla:  God Bless Kyla
Us:  God Bless Kyla
Kyla:  God Bless Papa
Us:  God Bless Papa
Kyla:  God Bless Kyla, too
Us:  God Bless Kyla, again
Kyla:  God Bless Eva and Jade
Us:  God Bless Eva and Jade
Kyla:  Kyla, too
Us:  yes, we already said Kyla
Kyla:  God Bless Kyla
Us:  Ok, God Bless Kyla
Kyla:  Grandpa
Us:  God Bless Grandpa
Kyla: Sophie
Us:  God Bless Sophie
Kyla:  Kyla, too
Us:  Ok, done with prayers, ready to say "amen"?
Kyla:  God Bless Kyla
Us:  Ok, God Bless Kyla.  Amen.
Kyla:  Amen and Kyla, too

Yes, two year olds really do believe the world revolves around them. :)

A Small Sample of the Fun in Our House!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slice of Life

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enjoying some time on the front porch one morning.

He's His Father's Son

This kid LOVES the TV!  Any TV.  Today Show, CNN, Children's programs, static on the TV - he'll swivel his head 180 degrees to get a better look.  And this is his classic "TV Coma" face.   His father's son for sure!

Dylan at 7 Months

Saturday, August 8, 2009

DJ has learned lots of new tricks in the last month!  It's just amazing how fast they go from being helpless infants to on-the-go babies!  Here's a look at what he's been up to.   

Sitting up by himself consistently

Holding his bottle by himself.  Sometimes.  He likes to play with it and the milk gets everywhere

He got 2 teeth!  Can you see them in the picture below?  The first bottom tooth started breaking through 1 week after his 6 month birthday.  Followed closely by the 2nd bottom tooth.  He got his first teeth a full 2 months+ before Kyla did, so we were surprised when they started poking through.

Trying to Crawl!!

 In the last week, he has also learned to get from a hands-and-knees position to sitting again.  This boy just wants to move!  Probably to keep up with his sister.  She is always on the go and he spins around, rolls and tries with all his might to get to her and whatever toy she is playing with.  He really dislikes when we are all in the family room playing and then Kyla and I get up and go to the kitchen and leave him by himself on the floor.  He lets us know that he wants to be where the action is too.  I'm pretty sure he will be crawling in the next few weeks. 

Hot Summer Day... perfect weather for the pool.  We all took a dip one afternoon in the 104 degree heat, even Dylan who went commando for a quick dip when he got bored playing on the porch.  The two of them had a great time just playing on the stairs in the pool floating and splashing.  On these hot Texas days, I'm so grateful we have our own pool!

Kyla modeling her new bathing suit from Aunt Janice!

Cooling Off in the Pool

Floating on the Steps
Kyla made sure Barbie was included in the family shot
I included this shot to show that although DJ is 20lbs, he's not a typical "chubby" baby - he solidly built and LONG!  As you can see, his ribs show through in this picture where "the rolls" would be.  Don't get me wrong however, he's got some yummy squeezable rolls on his legs!

Miss You Already

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Girlfriends are just irreplaceable.  Especially ones who've been there through the most wonderful and hardest times of your life - like having a baby or two.  My good friend Staci (from my Austin mom's group of three) is moving to California this week.  Tonight, Staci, Mollie and I went out for a "fond farewell and good luck" girl's night out.  What a fun evening reminiscing, talking about ourselves and our kids and dreaming (and laughing) about the future.  We ended the night in peels of laughter - just like you should with good girlfriends.  I think you can tell from the blurry unlit iPhone photos - we had a good time - as usual!

3 Peas in a Pod

Beautiful Staci

We'll miss you terribly Staci!  Kyla will definitely miss her soul-mate Aidric - the one boy who can make her laugh like no other.  We wish you all the happiness in the world!  Happy Trails!