Happy 1st Birthday Dylan James

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Church Santa Breakfast

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A few weekends ago, Kyla's preschool had a Santa Breakfast for all the families and church members. We absolutely LOVE the warm caring atmosphere of Manchaca United Methodist Church and Child Development Center. They just add those special touches all year round that make you truly appreciate finding a great preschool for your child.

Dylan didn't know what to make of Santa! Kyla wouldn't get any closer than 10 ft away with a chair barricade between her and Santa

Although face painting was a BIG hit!

Sitting very still and looking serious

Helping read the nativity story

And what family outing would be complete without DJ getting into trouble

Our 2009 Thanksgiving Getaway

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ok, so here comes an onslaught of pictures from our Thanksgiving vacation to Sanibel/CaptivaIsland, Florida. There were just so many good ones and we just couldn't resist posting them all. I think you can see in these pictures why we love coming back to the island year after year.

p.s. Yes, I had more than one bathing suit, but apparently every time the camera was out I was wearing the blue one

Our little dancer - she stole the show at the Owners Dinner on South Seas Plantation where my dad has a condo

Grandpa and Dylan at the dinner

Kyla was fascinated by the coconut trees

I LOVE these pictures. The colors that day were amazing!

My cousin Kaitlyn and Aunt Debbie

One way to entertain a 2 year old is to have them find shells for all the relatives. Plus she was so super cute showing off her finds


Something about Kyla's expression and pose just captures my heart

Kyla and Kaitlyn (her BFF over the holiday)

Mummy and Kyla

Someone at the condo had been out fishing and Kyla couldn't resist having a look

Grandpa (and his twin Uncle Tom to the left) with DJ

Grandpa was nice and dry before this one was taken

Great-Grandma Bea and her namesake

Kyla found a full grown coconut on the beach

Then threw it in the sand pit

Every night we walk on the beach at sunset with cocktails, or as Kyla likes to call it a "special drink" (she gets juice). She's still talking about the sunset each night

DJ was back in the condo with Grandpa

No nap means falling asleep in Great-Aunt Debbie's arms after 1 book

Manatees! I've been waiting 30+ years to see a manatee on the island and finally we got to see a mama and her calf up close!

I mean really up close!

Kyla was in heaven! Manatees were just on a recent "Diego" and how they have tails like mermaids

DJ at lunch on South Seas Plantation

Kyla and her favorite food - grilled cheese

It rained Thursday morning, so we all watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Cousin Courtney and Kyla. Courtney was kind enough to swim with Kyla so I could take a wee break and sun bathe

"Mama in pool" - so my break wasn't too long

Jump shot in action...

Swimming with the floaties

Jumping from the stairs

Smoothing out her "Princess Bathing Suit"

"Up High" as Kyla calls it

My three favorite people

The Family

DJ for the 2 seconds he stayed on the towel and didn't try to put everything in his mouth

The Jackson's and Jeff Forde (Courtney's fiance)

And back to eating shells.....

Building sand castles was a big hit!

Daddy and Daughter

Down to the beach at sunset. Love, Love, Love this picture!!

Jumping into the sand pit. Not sure why people dig one of these every day

So big!

Made for a good play-pen for Dylan


Kyla and Gma Bea reading the "paper"

Going to "Jerry's" shopping complex to see the birds

Kyla actually got to pet this Cockatoo, while this girl did

Pointing to the green Macaw

Keeping "Mr Trouble" occupied before heading to the airport

Kyla swimming - she's getting really good!