The New Girl's Night Out

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Say goodbye to the mullet....

....and hello to his stylin' new cut

Snow in Austin!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Saints Superbowl!

Pictures courtesy of Kyla! We had an entire New Orleans theme party complete with homemade sausage and shrimp gumbo and crusty french bread. The best part was the of course the Saints win! Unfortunately Kyla didn't get a hold of my camera until after Nicole, Will and Sophie (Kyla's BFF) left, so we didn't get any pictures of them.

Happy Belated Birthday Honey!

It's sad, very sad...... that we never posted pictures from John's 35th birthday on January 30th! And even sadder that we only have this one picture. The good news is that he got a gluten-free carrot cake cupcake (his favorite) and the gifts he wanted, iPhone accessory pack and the new Lady Antebellum CD. Yes, his taste in music still runs to the "bubble gum pop" - but you never heard it from me.

Nothing like a trip to the park...

in your new wagon! These pictures were taken in late December, but the wagon has been a godsend for hauling 2 kids, balls, sippy cups, snacks and the dog leash to the park.

Austin Rodeo 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One of the highlights of Austin in March is when the rodeo comes to town! And I'm not the only one who loved it! Miss Kyla practically had to be dragged from the place. She wanted to ride every ride and see every animal. We missed the "actual" rodeo portion since it's in the evening and just a little too long for the kids to sit through. But there was plenty to do with the carnival rides, petting zoo, pony rides, animal shows and carny food!


Little Miss and her Pink Corvette

Riding the whales

The train

Posing with the Longhorns for Papa

The Longhorns

Very seriously riding on her pony, "Lucy"

Mum, riding here!

My sweet boy just wanted to hug all the animals at the petting zoo

Kyla found a very attentive deer

She was fascinated

DJ tried to hug the deer, but they weren't putting up with it... he found some goats

Feeding the animals one kernel at a time. In her defense, a wild goat knocked all her food out of the cup when we first went in, so she wanted to conserve what was left

Lovin' the dinosaur ride!

My first ride of the day ended up being a spinning kiddie ride

I preferred "the freefall"

Riding Monkey - he and the handler have had better shows

Last ride of the day - still happy - but she was SO sad to leave