Look Out World - I'm Semi-Walking!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

While I was in Vegas Kyla decided it was time to take a stroll.  She is up and moving with the help of her "push cart."  She cruises it all over the family room and kitchen and has gotten pretty good at getting around the furniture.  Poor Nobu doesn't know what to make of it and keeps running around trying to get out of Kyla's path.  

These were taken with my phone, so the quality isn't that great - but you get the idea.  I'll try to take some better ones later.


Who Needs Toys

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the pitcher had to go
trying to crawl into the cabinet
This blue cosi has become a favorite toy now
she looks so proud of herself

Toys, what toys?  Kyla had a ball in the "tupperware" cabinet the other day.  She enjoys getting into the cabinets and pulling everything out.  

LSU National Champions

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My beloved college alma mater won the NCAA Football National Championship a few weeks ago.  It was a very exciting season and game!  I took some pictures of the TV that night to capture the moment. Geaux (this how we Louisianians spell "go") Tigers!!

Love My O's

Kyla is starting to eat table food and likes to feed herself.  One of her first foods was Perky O's (gluten-free Cheerios).  Whenever we say O's she gets excited - and so does the dog! :)

Down The Slide

On the play-gym and loving it!
About to go down the slide
Well Done!

We have a wonderful play park in our neighborhood and Kyla's just getting old enough to enjoy it.  She loves watching the other kids and always crawls to the top of the slide.  She finally went down the other day even though she looked a bit unsure.  She is a bit of a dare-devil at home, so we'll definitely have to watch her in the coming years. 

Our Don King

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kyla was channeling Don King's hair one morning. It wouldn't lay down at all until we wetted it.


We forgot to tell everyone that on December 24th, Kyla started standing up in her crib (this how we find her every morning and after naps).  The first day we were in Scotland, she took it to the next level and is now pulling herself to standing on everything and anything!  She is getting so strong now and attempts to stand holding on with one hand or no hands!  Needless to say we've had some bumps and bruises these last few weeks.  

Our Ballerina Yogini

I put Ky's tutu on her and these are the pictures we got.  Mummy-Baby yoga must be inspiring her.  She is such a funny girl!

Rocking Chair

This is the rocking chair that I had as a girl.  It's in Kyla's room now and she got into it right before Christmas and I took this photos.  There is a music box attached to one of the legs, so when you rock it plays a tune.  I can remember many good times rocking in this chair as a child.  Looks like Kyla will enjoy it as well.

Love My British Toy

Kyla (really me) loved this talking toy that Janice brought to Mum and Dad's for Kyla to play with while we were visiting Scotland.  The talking bit is all done in a British accent which I can't get enough of.  When you hang up the phone it says "well done"!  So, John and I put it in our case and took it home (thanks Janice!).  It's been a big hit with my mum's group since we all get a chuckle over the accent.  Sadly it's attached to a walker, but we didn't have room to bring that home - so hopefully John's parents can bring that when they visit in the spring.

Dinner at Graham & Gaby's

Our friends Graham and Gaby graciously invited us over for dinner our last night in town.  We got to see their fabulous new house and enjoy a traditional Romanian dinner which was delicious - thank you Gaby!  As you can see by the pictures, Kyla had a good time too.  She especially enjoyed all of Gaby's fun slippers and all the attention she got.  

Hogmany 7 (the videos)

Friday, January 18, 2008


The first video is the start of the singing and the second is the conclusion.  Both are pretty humorous!

Hogmany 6 (more good times)

Krista and Gaby
Graham and John
Gail's parents
even the young'ins got in on the karaoke
more of Krista and Gail singing

Hogmany 5 (or let the fun begin!)

This is where the singing started (Derek and Michelle)
And the hugging (Janice & Iain)
Faither cuddle
Gail and Krista's smashing karaoke song
even Kyla enjoyed it!

Hogmany 4

Mum and Dad came by after their ceilidh
Eva fell asleep right after midnight
the crackers are good to chew on
Adela, Kyla and the hot Bulgarian soccer player
Gaby and Gail calling in the piper

Hogmany 3

Krista, Sydney (dark hair) and Syndey's friend
John and Kyla
Kyla on a "no-sleep" high
Gaby, Kyla and Graham

Hogmany 2

Eva and Jade
Surprising Gail by wearing the Wallace and Bruce (cows) shirts she gave all of us
The brothers

Hogmany (or New Years) 1

We have about 100 pictures from New Years and needless to say we had a great time.  John's brother Robert and his wife Gail had a party at their new home and it was a blast.  They had great food, lots of drinks, a champagne punch fountain and karoke - how could you not have fun.  Little Miss Kyla decided she didn't want to miss it either and refused to sleep in the back room.  

Our family
Gail and Janice
Gail and Krista
The Purcells (Janice, Eva, Iain and Jade)
Robert and Gail