Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today we got some much needed rain, and a much needed cooling off.  I love how the world looks after a fresh rain-fall - the colors seems so vibrant and the air smells sweet.   And what better way to celebrate than jumping in puddles!  Kyla even asked me to make more rain when the puddles started to dry up.  Sweet baby girl!

Big Smiles

Already "messing" with her brother
DJ was all smiles
Jumping In the Puddles

Even some somersaults

Dylan was happy to just sit in his Bumbo seat watching Kyla

Hello, my name is "Independent"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yes, that's a red bow.  Yes, she is wearing a pastel pink and purple dress.  And yes (although you can't see it) she wore white sandals with bright multi-colored flowers on them.  No, none of it matched.  And yes, she INSISTED on wearing only those things.   

So if you saw us at the HEB grocery store on Slaughter Lane - it wasn't her mother's idea!

Mr. Mess

You'd think for a kid who weighs almost 20lbs at 6 months, that he'd get the hang of eating pretty quickly.  Nope.  He makes the biggest mess - in the best Eva Scott tradition. 

Dylan LOVES the baby bowls.  No matter what color I choose, he always goes after it.  At the end of his breakfast, while I was getting something to wipe his mouth, he managed to get the bowl off the table.  Here's how it progressed...  

He might be "Mr. Mess," but he's pretty funny!

We now feed him in the high chair and this is what happens when he puts his hands in his mouth after every bite
Half of the food is on my face...
and I like it!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dylan woke up tonight at 8:30pm to eat (he was so tired at 6:30pm that he never finished his bottle).  When he was done I cuddled him on my chest to burp him.  I couldn't help smelling his freshly washed hair and skin.  Feel his warm breath on my neck and how his fuzzy hair tickled my chin.  And his little hand was curled around my arm like he was cuddling me back.  

Time goes so quickly.  So melancholy to think that I'll never have this night again, he'll never be this age again.  But it's true.  I think knowing Dylan may be our last baby (still in negotiations), it makes me hold tighter to the memories.  With Kyla it sometimes seemed like I was winging my way through motherhood, and not taking the time to savor every detail.  It's slower this time - and sadly in some ways faster.   The good news is that it makes those late night feeding much less painful.  It's the one time my active little boy just melts against me and we can just "be." And time seems to stand still, at least for the  moment.

A Funny

I was driving home from running errands on Friday and it was past the pre-nap window for Dylan.  You know that "window," where you know your kid won't fall asleep in the car before you get home and then think that 5 minute power nap is all he needs for the day.  So, I'm looking in the rear view mirror at the baby mirror that reflects Dylan in his car seat, but I can't see his face because the hood is down.   So I ask Kyla if Dylan is "awake or asleep" and here is our conversation:

Me: "Kyla, is Dylan awake or asleep?'
Kyla: "sleep"
Me: "%&$#*"

***few seconds pause***

Kyla:  "Kyla sleep" {loud snoring type noise}
Kyla:  {laughing uproariously at her own joke}

And I couldn't help giggling in the front seat.  

Park Bound

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Strapped In and Ready To Go

Walking Attire

Mr. Blue Eyes

Running Through the Woods

Nobu - Hot and Tired


Bird Watching

Potty Training

Yes, it's that time.  I've decided Kyla is ready for a bit more potty training.  Currently we have a potty and she sits on it occasionally, but I think she's ready for a more consistent routine.  So I spent most of today creating a potty chart, buying more "potty" books, buying stickers and buying special "get 3 stickers, get a prize" treats.  

I'll report back on the progress.... 

Rub A Dub Dub...

...2 kids in one baby tub.  Miss Kyla is a wee bit envious of Dylan's baby tub.  We bathe the kids together every night at 6pm and usually Dylan gets out first.  A split second after we lift him out of the baby tub, Kyla dives into it and lays back like it's a lounge chair.   This night she couldn't wait and insisted on climbing in with him.  And promptly told us "Dylan out."  Hopefully in the next month Dylan will be able to sit upright better and we can get rid of the baby tub, so both kiddos will have more room in the big tub.  

Dylan's face says "need some room here"

The Chef

Monday, June 8, 2009

My little chef in the making has started to really play make-believe with her kitchen - whipping up "carrot soup" (made from the baby carrots she was eating), "veggie-booty" soup, cupcakes and rice cereal for her baby.  

When she first got the kitchen she wouldn't put on the apron at all.  But now when I put my apron on, she HAS to have hers on right then!  She needs a few more "play food" items, but I got a great tip from my friend Mollie - and have given her empty baby food containers, empty spice jars and other items for her to play with in her kitchen.  She thoroughly enjoys putting the "spices" (from the empty paprika jar) on her soups.

Whipping up her masterpieces

Best Gordon Ramsey impression

and now some Rachel Ray

But no chef's outfit is complete without too big flip-flops

Sunday In The Pool

Miss Bikini Bod

Dylan Rockin' in the Exersaucer
And of course Nobu needed his picture taken!
The sweet life of a 2 year old
Post-Jump In
Swimming with Daddy
Under the waterfall
Little swing time...

and now some pool time
My water babes

Towering Tower

I was pretty impressed by the tower Kyla built the other day.  Notice the base is actually a moving train that the blocks don't actually fit into, so she had to prop the tower with other blocks.  Pretty cool for a 2 year old!

1/2 way through

Intense concentration

Trying to get her to pose next to it

And the most fun, knocking it down!

Brother and Sister

Kyla has really started interacting with Dylan more and he just loves to look at her face.  It just makes me smile and warms my heart to see the love growing already.  I just adore the picture of the two of them holding hands - just happened so spontaneously while Kyla was watching a movie, and Dylan was watching her.  Gotta a toothache yet? :)

5 Months

Growing like a weed!

Little Prodigy

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Like father, like daughter