Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grandpa drove down for his annual "hunting" visit last week. Kyla got to show Grandpa her school and teachers and DJ got some good one on one time at home. Dad was also nice enough to tackle a few things on our "to do" list and then buy us dinner. Can't beat that!

Cuddle Before Bed

Lots of attention from Grandpa

I think Nobu misses Grandpa most of all!

Happy Monday!

Monday, November 9, 2009

This picture cracks me up! Kyla is allowed one piece of Halloween candy after dinner. She got a blue lolly from her treat bag and then found the green vampire teeth at the bottom of the bag!

Happy Halloween 2009!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Halloween festivities included a party at Kyla's dance studio, Dance Xplosion and then home for trick or treating. After we took the kids around the neighborhood, Kyla and I sat outside handing out candy and talking with the neighbors (DJ went to bed). Eventually, our three neighbors just merged the candy giving to one house, and we had our own party while the kids played in the front yard. Complete with John wearing my witches hat (if only I had gotten a picture!)

Pictures out front before DXP party

Kitty Cat

Clapping to the Music

Kyla and her friend Sophie (Daisy Duck)

Winnie the Pooh

Headed Out to Trick or Treat

The "scary" house

Candy for the poor, please

Kyla wanted to carve a happy pumpkin

Very proud of her treat bag

The family on Halloween night

Our annual Mother/Daughter picture

Helping pass out the treats

Pumpkin Festival

Thursday, November 5, 2009

John took Kyla and my iPhone to a local "pumpkin festival" last week. Let's just say it wasn't quite worth the $7 admission, but Kyla had a good time getting her face painted.

Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago, we went to our local pumpkin patch for some fun with friends and a photo opp. It was very hot, humid, muggy and wet - so the photo part didn't turn out that great. But we had fun playing with friends!

Trying to get a picture of the 2 of them together

Another try, DJ was eating dirt

...and a pumpkin

...and a leaf. We don't call him "Mr. Trouble" for nothing!