The Crackers!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No respectable Scottish Christmas would be complete without crackers.  We did our late in the evening, before Ky went to bed.  She wasn't too keen on the hat and basically ripped it to shreds.  But the big kids enjoyed their hats and played with the toys!

Christmas Afternoon

Few pictures of our lazy afternoon.  And yes, Kyla absolutely LOVES to be held upside down.  She will throw herself backwards just to get you to do it again.  

Christmas Dinner

John cooked a wonderful dinner and all three of us sat down to a family Christmas dinner.  Kyla also had turkey for the first time - along with pureed green beans and squash.  She likes picking food up and feeding herself, so the turkey entertained her for awhile.  Not sure how much she actually got in her mouth as it was stuck to her arms, hands, clothes and highchair.  

No Christmas Photo For Me

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We tried our best to get a good Christmas photo of Kyla, but she was having nothing of it.  She flat out refused to look at the camera or smile.  Oh well.  Willful like her father! ha-ha!

p.s. love the dress Janice!

Playing With My Toys

Mr Jealous Loved His Gift

Nobu loves toys that play music, squeak or light up, so he is very jealous of Kyla's toys.  This year we got him a stuff bear that looks like one Kyla has and it plays a tune.  Nobu LOVED it and played with it all day.

While we were opening gifts, Nobu kept coming back and pushing his bear in my back so I'd throw it again

Oh Yeah Mum & Dad Got a Few Gifts Too

John reading the traditional sentimental card written lovingly by his amazing wife
followed by a GPS (Satellite Navigation) system
followed by a Hugo Boss shirt. Damn! You have a good wife!

John claimed there was a mix-up, but looks like Santa brought both Selection Boxes to me!

A sweet digital camera from my wonderful husband

More Pressies!

Oooooh, I really like all my fabulous clothes!  I especially like my black Ralph Lauren boots and my pretty outfits!

Notice the chocolates!  Sorry those went to Mum and Dad

This toy is good for me to practice my standing!

Merry Christmas To Me!

Little Miss Kyla racked up the gifts for her first Christmas.  She had a really good time opening her gifts - the wrapping paper and bows were a BIG hit!  She also, surprisingly had a good time playing with her toys as well.  Kyla loves toys with lights and sounds and enjoyed pressing the buttons and chewing on everything.  Thank you everyone for all the lovely gifts!

Santa Claus Came To Our House

Santa Claus dropped off some wonderful toys for Kyla, Nobu, Gimu and Lumpy.  

Our Decorations

Oh! Christmas Tree...You Are Fun To Play With

Sunday, December 16, 2007