Dylan's Birthday Party (12/31/09)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dylan had his official birthday party in the afternoon on New Year's eve. We had a great time, very low key. The weather was GORGEOUS all day long, warm and sunny - then 5:30pm or so it got frigid with high winds. Good thing we were winding down by then. Here are few pictures from the day...

DJ's 1st Birthday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We celebrated Dylan's 1st birthday with some presents at home followed by dinner at Waterloo complete with playground. Southpark Meadows where the restaurant is located was still doing their annual Christmas music/light show, so the kiddos alternated between the slides and dancing. It was especially nice that John's parents were still in town and could celebrate with us!

DJ (with Kyla's help) opening his big present

Just like a kid, sitting on the box and gnawing on the card

Playing at the slides

Miss Kyla enjoying the day

Our family

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Digging right in!

And then he's done and wants out of the chair!

All clean and ready for more fun

Gran and Papa

One big kid and one little kid

Slide method #1...

...and method #2

Gran and DJ dancing

Gran, Papa and Kyla

Doing his thing

He loves the ladies!

Need the Healing Vibes....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's been 9 LONG weeks of sickness in our house. It all started with a simple cold in mid-November that turned into an ear infection. We'd get one child better and the other one would come down with something. Poor Kyla has had an ear infection for about 6 weeks now. She's been on 4 different antibiotics and just as she'd start to get better, another cold - which caused the fluid that's never drained from her ear to flare up again.

As we were finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.... we got an RSV diagnosis for both kids on Tuesday. Thankfully, we have a great pediatrician that did the RSV test even though our kids weren't exhibiting the classic signs. Since RSV is a virus we weren't prescribed any medicine, but they did warn us to watch for any secondary infection from the RSV. Well two short days later, Dylan has a severe ear infection and Kyla has fluid in her lungs and the start of a double ear infection. Thank goodness it hasn't turned into pneumonia, yet! The doctor thinks that Kyla isn't worse because she's been on a low dose maintenance antibiotic for the last 5 days. Obviously, it wasn't strong enough to deal with the secondary infection from the RSV, but kept it in check enough that Kyla doesn't have pneumonia.

So, please send some healing thoughts and prayers our way so my babies can finally be healthy!

On the bright side, our little doctor in training was VERY excited to get a "finger-poke" to check her white blood cell count and a chest x-ray. Yes, she is the only child in history who actually LOVES going to the doctor and getting poked and prodded. The nurses and doctors love her - she's their best patient, by far! They get quite a kick out of how serious she is while they work and how she watches everything they do. She's also a star pupil for opening wide and taking deep breaths. We are very lucky that our pediatrician takes the time to look at Kyla's ears and listen to her heart, even when she is healthy and the appointment is for DJ. Kyla tells me that she wants to be a pediatrician like Dr. Ruiz and help sick kids. Ahhhh....a mother's dream! Although, let's hope she becomes a doctor and not a hypochondriac!

Christmas 2009

Monday, January 11, 2010

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day....

The Tree

Santa Came!

And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

DJ found Santa's leftover cookies

Kyla playing with her fairy doll house from Santa...

....and her pesky little brother

Opening gifts - tag team style

Yeah, that one's all mine

Trying on his "Scotland" shirt - thank you Auntie Pamela!

Showing off her new doll house furniture - thank you Purcell Family!

Nobu rockin' his Christmas bandana and generally in the middle of everything

John was surprised by his extra gift, what else would a Brit want but more cologne!

LOVING my iPhone speaker dock!

Posing with their BIG gift from us

Opening the stocking

Kyla's stocking (she picked out the nutcracker one)

Gran, Papa and DJ opening the crackers before dinner

Kyla modeling her hat

Gran and Dylan

fascinated by the hats

playing with her new cash register

Enjoying the Christmas carols