Happy 3rd Birthday Kyla!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How did you get to be three years old? Seems like just yesterday that I couldn't wait until you were born, imagining what you'd look like and counting down the days. The first time I held you in my arms, it was such a miracle. You will always be my idea of perfect. Perfect, because you are uniquely "you." And how "unique" you are! You constantly inspire and amaze your dad and me. Here's a small taste of your personality from today:

"I love your buttons, mama. Those are really beautiful buttons"
"I love my brother!"
"I'm too busy right now to talk to Grandpa"
"I love cake!"
"I'm sharing with my brother, mama"
"I love that girl"

And my personal favorite:

Kyla: "I see grass out my window, mama"
Me: "Me too. What kind of animals live in the grass" (I'm thinking crickets, rabbits, etc)
Kyla: "Tapirs. Tapirs live in the grass. Diego is their friend"
Me: "True, very true"

You are one smart cookie. Every night we talk about what our favorite part of the day was. And every night, mine is always a time during the day when you and DJ and I are together. I don't just say that, it's true. No matter if the day has been a peaceful one or a challenging one, you and your brother are the best part of my day and my life (and your dad too, of course). My prayer for you each night is for health and happiness, and I wish these in abundance for you today. Happy Birthday, my sweet baby girl!

Mermaid Kyla's Under The Sea Party!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mermaid Kyla!

The Infamous Cake

Kyla wanted BOTH cupcakes and a cake. Of course she did!

Table of goodies - including margaritas for the adults and "Blue Mermaid" punch for the kids


"Sushi Turkey Rolls" and "Candy Sushi"

The "Under The Sea" Scene (you can't see the bubble machine or balloons)

Playing in the park

BFFs Sophie and Kyla

One of Ky's classmates, Adam

Dylan headed down the slide

Kids playing in the park


Enjoying the party

DJ LOVES cupcakes...

...and makes quite a mess!

Enjoying the 3rd round of cupcakes (or course she only eats the frosting!)

Note to self - take family photo prior to cupcake eating!

Blowing Out the Candles - Kyla was SO EXCITED about everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her, and you can really see the pure joy on her face!

Why, Why, Why do I think I'm Martha Stewart?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Because this is what happens when a non-professional thinks that fondant icing can't be THAT hard! After 2 tries and a HUGE mess, the cake did come out ok, but it was more work than one woman should be allowed to do. Especially without an apron!