Miss Drama

Friday, May 28, 2010

This evening I had a lovely dinner with Kyla at our favorite local restaurant, Waterloo. It's right next to the dance studio and very convenient after her Friday evening class. And bonus, they have a playpark in the back. John was out with DJ at our friend Ross' happy hour (yes, we had a baby in a bar), so it was just the girls for dinner. Everything was going great until our conversation on the ride home:

Kyla: I usually ride home from dance with Daddy
Me: Daddy's with Dylan. We had such a good dinner together and I had so much fun. I'm so glad I get to ride home with you in the car, too. Woohoo (added for emphasis)
Kyla: Don't say that!
Me: Say what?
Kyla: "woohoo." That hurts my feelings
Me: Kyla, Mommy was saying how much fun I had with you"
Kyla: You hurt Kyla's feelings. That wasn't very nice. You hurt my feelings. That's rude. You need to say sorry.
Me: I was saying something nice, but I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings
Kyla: Hurt Kyla's feelings. Very hurt.

Just call my little princess, "Miss Drama." She must get that from John. :)

Little Ladybug

Don't you just LOVE ladybugs! Well, we've had a plethora of ladybugs in the backyard this summer and the kids never get tired of "holding" them and letting them crawl over their hands, feet, legs, arms and even on Kyla's back. DJ is now old enough to get in on the action. He points excitedly at the ladybug and squeals with delight as she crawls on his hand. I think the ladybugs like it too, since we mainly see them in the evening after our nightly popsicle and Dylan's hands are full of delicious fruit juice for the ladybugs to eat.

p.s. yes, the kids are naked, it's hard to keep their clothes on them in the summer

School Pictures Spring 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I just love school photos! The funny backgrounds, the poses - pure bliss. As a kid I remember picking my outfit the day before and being excited for the break in the school day routine. And now Kyla's carrying on the tradition, coming home with her packet of photos for me to order. Doesn't she look so big?

Her class photo is a classic!

A Ballerina's First Recital

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Official Portrait

After the Performance

With Her VERY Proud Parents

Kyla is the farthest dancer on the left hand side, front row

"One Night" By Our Budding Photographer

Friday, May 14, 2010

These were taken in January after bath time right as DJ is going to bed. I think it's a unique perspective of an almost 3 year old and also and insight into what she finds interesting. Did I mention she LOVES to take photographs!

A Relaxing Mother's Day

What a perfect day! Started with a nice lie-in for me followed by breakfast in bed! The kids piled in the bed and "shared" my breakfast before hubby took them downstairs again so I could drink my coffee in peace.

I'd like to say that the rest of the day was spent enjoying the day with the family, but when you stay at home with your kids, some days the "perfect" involves only three people, "me, myself and I." So my day was spent getting my hair done, having a glass of wine in the cafe next door to the salon and getting a pedicure. John took the kids to his soccer game where they ran around crazy for 2 hours, so everyone was happy!

Of course the best part was appreciating how truly blessed I am to be Kyla and Dylan's Mom.

A few pictures from the end of the day. Not an easy task with two worn out kids

The Mother's Day celebrations started with "Muffins with Mom" on Thursday morning in her class. It was a lot of fun getting to see Kyla interact in the class room. I caught a few pictures of her playing before I left. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the two of us together.

He'll probably hate me for this later....

Monday, May 10, 2010

....but I really couldn't resist!

Our Smart Cookie

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kyla had her 3 year check today and I'm happy to report that according to the pediatrician and she is doing great! Here are her stats:

Height: 37-1/2" (75th%)
Weight: 28.6lbs (25th%)

So basically, she is tall and lean. She's also apparently a very smart cookie because when I asked about what developments we should be looking/helping her with for in the coming year, this was the list:

1. counting to 10
2. learning her colors
3. riding a tricycle (coordinated gross motor skills)

Well.... Kyla already does all of these and has for awhile. Actually, she can count to 20 in English (sometimes forgets 14 and 15), counts to 10 in Spanish (thank you, Dora), knows all her colors including variations like "light blue" vs. "dark blue" and she can pedal her tricycle.

So as the doctor said - "she's advanced!" I take no credit for this, she's just naturally smart, good genes. Some things we do need to work on are staying dry through the night and staying in her bed during the night. She's also a bit of a perfectionist. When she colors, it's mostly inside the lines - we've actually had people comment on it thinking John or I helped her. Nope, that's her personality. That she probably does get from me.

And before I end this post, a little Kyla-ism from this morning

Me: Doesn't Daddy look handsome this morning? Like Prince Eric or Prince Charming?
Kyla: I think he looks like Donkey (from Shrek)