Been Awhile

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I was just reading through the blog tonight and was surprised by how many stories I didn't remember. I haven't posted since 2010 and it made me wonder how many memories could I have written down, but now sadly are forgotten. So I've been re-inspired to blog.

Today the kids and I went to the Austin Kite Festival. John's been on business in Europe the past 10 days, so it was just the kids and me. The weather was gorgeous and as Kyla said "this is a perfect day." (She's into ruminating on the weather of the day).

The trek there as usual took some planning and some strong muscles on my part. I can measure how much the kids have grown by how hard I have to work to pull the wagon. We parked in our usual spot and headed across the bridge underneath Mopac, through the field, up the hill and into the festival. It was completely packed, but we found our spot and launched the kites. It was pretty fun for the first 30 minutes of me getting the kite aloft, handing the string to the kids and snapping a picture before it plummeted to the ground. Kyla of course had her Disney Princess kite and Dylan went for the dragon. Good Costco finds.

After that it was over to the rocks to climb and then face painting. Asked the kids what their favorite part was. Answer: climbing the rocks and face painting. Something we can do any time in Zilker park, of course. :)