Observing, Creating

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I love how after a day of making homemade play dough and strawberry muffins, Kyla still has more "experiments" to create and explore. Like, if you chop up strawberries and add water, will it make strawberry juice? Her mind is always working. Since the day she was born, she came out of my belly, issued one tiny cry and then began observing the world. An observer, a questioner, a seeker is who she is. She has a creative and scientific mind. She doesn't always take the initial leap, first she has to observe what is going on and formulate a plan, determine how to proceed and if it's worth the effort. "If I do this, what will happen?" "How can I create or recreate something?" These are the questions I see spinning behind her eyes. Whatever she does in life, whether career, passion, hobby or a combination - she will make careful study of it and then throw herself into it heart and soul.